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3-1/2 Ton Premier Excavator w/ Thumb

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Caterpillar 303.5ECR

Comfortable Working Environment

Spacious and comfortable operator station with excellent visibility and legroom keeps the operator comfortable and reduces fatigue. Standard features include:

  • Reclining suspension seat with adjustable wrist rests.
  • Pilot operated controls on all services including travel levers and dozer functions.
  • Two post canopy design for better visibility to the work area.
  • A pattern control changer (not available in all regions) is accessible from the cab to switch between excavator and backhoe style controls.
  • Ample storage space under the seat that can be locked for added security.


All four E-Series models feature increased stability, while maintaining the compact radius design. This increased stability leads to more productivity and versatility through the use of heavier work tools and the optional long stick.

Fast, Powerful Digging with Load Sensing Hydraulics

High digging forces and fast cycle times deliver the productivity that your job demands. Load sensing hydraulics optimize flow for smooth, powerful performance and increased fuel efficiency.


High performance power train provides optimized engine horsepower and strong performance. Engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage IIIA emissions requirements. Automatic engine idle automatically lowers engine revolutions when not in use to conserve fuel and lower environmental noise and emissions. The E-Series models feature an engine kill switch conveniently located in the cab and accessible from ground level.



The Cat 303.5E CR delivers high performance in a compact radius design to help you work in the tightest applications.


Engine Model Cat® C1.8                    
Net Power                             31.6 hp                23.6 kW  
Gross Power 33.3 hp                24.8 kW  


Operating Weight                            7734.0 lb                 3508.0 kg  
Operating Weight with Cab 8139.0 lb                  3692.0 kg  


Max digging depth - standard stick                          9.6 ft                   2880.0 mm  
Max reach ground level - standard stick 16.7 ft                 5060.0 mm  
Height over cab 8.2 ft                   2500.0 mm  
Max cutting height - long stick 16.5 ft                 5030.0 mm  
Max cutting height - standard stick 16.2 ft                 4920.0 mm  
Max dump height - long stick 11.9 ft                 3640.0 mm  
Max dump height - standard stick 11.5 ft                 3520.0 mm  
Max horizontal reach - long stick 17.8 ft                 5440.0 mm  
Max horizontal reach - standard stick 17.1 ft                 5200.0 mm  
Max vertical dig depth - long stick 8.2 ft                   2470.0 mm  
Max vertical dig depth - standard stick 7.7 ft                   2320.0 mm  
hipping Height 8.2 ft                   2500.0 mm  
Shipping Length 15.5 ft                 4730.0 mm  
Track Shoe Width 1.0 ft                     300.0 mm   
Transport Width 5.8 ft                   1780.0 mm  

Engine Dimensions

Bore                          3.4 in                   87.0 mm  
Stroke 4.0 in                 102.4 mm  
Displacement 110.0 in                  3 1.8 L  

Travel System

Max traction force - high speed                       3799.0 lb                    16.9 kN  
Max traction force - low speed 6969.0 lb                    31.0 kN  
Travel Speed - High 2.8 mph                     4.6 km/h  
Travel Speed - Low 1.6 mph                     2.6 km/h  

Hydraulic System

Operating Pressure - Equipment                3553.0 psi 245.0 bar                      
Digging Forces - Stick (standard) 4249.0 lb 18.9 kN  
Digging Force - Stick (long) 3799.0 lb                          16.9 kN  
Digging Force - Bucket 7419.0 lb                          33.0 kN  
Operating Pressure - Travel 3553.0 psi                     245.0 bar  
Operating Pressure - Swing 2625.0 psi                     181.0 bar  
Auxiliary circuit - primary 15.9 gal/min                60.0 L/min  
Auxiliary circuit - secondary 7.1 gal/min                  27.0 L/min  

Swing System

Machine Swing Speed                                   9.0 RPM                       
Boom swing - left (without stop) 80.0 Degrees    
Boom swing - left (with stop) 55.0 Degrees    
Boom Swing - Right 50.0 Degrees    


Width                           70.0 in                     1780.0 mm  
Height 12.8 in                       325.0 mm  
Dig Depth 18.5 in                       470.0 mm  
Lift Height 15.7 in                       400.0 mm  

Service Refill Capacities

Cooling System                          1.5 gal                    
Engine Oil 1.8 gal   
Hydraulic Tank 11.2 gal    
Fuel Tank 12.2 gal    
Hydraulic System 17.2 gal


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