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Concrete Forms (4', 6' & 8' Available)
Concrete Forms

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Symons Concrete Forms


System Design
Steel-Ply panels and fillers are constructed from a rugged steel frame.
The side rail of the form is rolled exclusively for Symons and has a minimum yield stress of 55,000 psi.
Crossmembers have a minimum yield stress of 60,000 psi and are located at one foot centers on all panels and fillers.
Symons special ½" 100/30 High Density Overlay (HDO) plywood provides a smooth finish.
Each piece is edge sealed to repel moisture and prevent delamination.
With proper care, contractors can expect up to 200 reuses before plywood replacement.
Steel-Ply requires little training because it has no top or bottom, left or right, and can be used vertically or horizontally. 
 Dado slots at crossmembers simplify tie placement.
Slots for hardware attachment are located between crossmembers.
All Steel-Ply components combine to provide a 1000 psf rated system with a predictable safety factor over the service life of the form. 
The complete Steel-Ply system consists of over ‑100 standard panel and filler sizes.
Panel and filler heights range from 3' to 10', in 1' increments.
Panel widths are 24" and filler widths range from 4" to 22", in 2" increments. 
A 5" wide filler and steel 1", 1½", and 2" fillers are also available.
Wedge Bolts connect panels, fillers and ties in one simple operation.
Steel-Ply is also available in metric sizes.
Panel and filler heights range from 60 cm to 300 cm in 30 cm increments.
Panel widths are 60 cm and filler widths range from 10 cm to 55 cm in 5 cm increments.
For productive setting and stripping of forms, Symons offers a variety of connecting hardware.
Wedge Bolts
Two identical Wedge Bolts function as a lock-bolt set, one as a connecting bolt, the other as a clamping wedge.
At typical siderail-to-siderail connections, the loop end of the tie is positioned in dado slots and is secured by the same Wedge Bolts.
For typical walls, form connecting Wedge Bolts are only required at standard tie connection positions.
Additional Wedge Bolts are utilized at other positions for attachment of walers, scaffold brackets or other accessory components.
Long Bolts
The Long Bolt is designed to be used with the 1", 1½" and 2" Steel Filler. 
The long connecting bolt is punched with two ¼" holes to accommodate a 16d nail to be used to shorten the bolt for Steel Fillers.
A vertical Wedge Bolt secures the two panels and filler through the adjoining side rails.
Inside and Outside Corners
Inside and Outside Corners are all‑steel corners that lock adjoining forms together to make a 90° angle.
Standard Inside Corners have a face dimension of 4"x4" or 6"x6".
Each Inside Corner is manufactured with reinforcing straps to maintain 90°. 
Dadoes are placed 12" O.C. for tie connection and slots are placed 12" O.C. for connecting hardware.
Hinged Corners
The Inside Hinged Corner may be used to form inside corners down to a 45° angle.
The Outside Hinged Corner forms outside corners from 135° down to a 5° angle.
In most wall applications, Inside Hinged Corners are used opposite Outside Hinged Corners.
Always insert connecting Wedge Bolts toward the adjoining panels so that the angle will not be restricted.
Corners must always be adequately waled, braced and blocked as required.
Z-Tie Holder
The Waler Tie and Z-Tie Holder combination is another method of attaching walers.
Waler Ties are available in two lengths to secure double 2"x4" or double 2"x6" lumber walers. 
Once the Waler Tie is fastened with Wedge Bolts, the lumber is positioned and the Z‑Tie Holder is used to complete the assembly.
Strongbacks are vertical alignment members that are placed at 90° to walers.
The Strongbacks are used to align the walers and are commonly placed at 8' O.C. 
Strongbacks can be doubled 2"x4", 2"x6" or 2"x8" lumber secured with J‑Strongback Hooks.
Scaffold Bracket
Scaffold Brackets are installed where one or more levels of work platform are required for personal safety. 
The maximum safe load of the Scaffold Bracket is 500 lbs. (4 to 1 safety factor).
The Scaffold Bracket comes with a
wedge and cable attachment for wedge and cable attachment for quick assembly.
Steel Filler
Steel Fillers are cold-formed U-shaped steel.
The 1" and 1½" steel fillers are punched with connecting slots at 6" O.C.
A Long Bolt passes through the steel filler to grip adjoin -ing panel side rails.
The 2" Steel Filler has connecting slots at 2" O.C. 
It is used to "step" forms in 2" increments.
This steel filler reduces the need to build up under forms when step footings or changing wall elevations occur.


For additional information on this product please call us at 877-289-7368
For additional information on this product please call us at 877-289-7368