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Heating System, Glycol Mobile
Heaters, Ground

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Heat King HK500

The HK500 is the most powerful of the Heat King family. This unit was
designed for big jobs in mind. Quiet and efficent, yet powerful enough
to thaw 11,200 ft2 of ground, cure 22,400 ft2 of concerete or provide
 temporary heat for up to 15,000 ft2.
Thaw up to 11,200 ft2
Cure up to 22,400 ft2
Temporary Heat up to 15,000 ft2
Computer controlled System
Digital Temperature Monitoring
Large Glycol Reservoir
Large Access Doors
Double Loop Technology
Enclosed Electric Hose Reel
CSA / UL Certified


Hose 8 - 700 ft Field Hoses
Supply Manifold 8 - 5/8” & 2 - 1 1/4” quick connect
Return Manifold 8 - 5/8” & 2 - 1 1/4” quick connect
Ground Thawing Capacity 11,200 ft2
Concrete Curing Capacity 22,400 ft2
Temporary Heating Capacity 15,000 ft2 (Varies with R-Value)
Field Pump 3/4 Hp Centrifugal
Circulating Pump 1/2 Hp Centrifugal
Fuel Tank 192 US GAL
Run Time Up to 60 Hours
Heater Capacity 436,000 BTUH Heating Fuel Input
Glycol Tank 130 US GAL
Electrical Requirements 2 - 120V AC 15A Circut
Generator (Optional) 1 - 5,500W
Axle 1 - 7,000lb Torsion Axle, Brakes
Hitch Pintle
Overall Length 165”
Overall Width 81”
Overall Height 86” (Including Heater Vent)
Weight (Fuel Empty/Full) 5,500 / 6,250 lbs


The HK500 has all of the features and technology developed
for the HK500 in a smaller package.
>Large Glycol Reserve
>Large Doors for Easy Access
>Rubber Torsion Axle
>Bi-directional Powered Reel
>Durable Coil Style Heater
>On-Board Air Compressor
The control panel features large, easy to use switches, digital supply
and return temperature controls with warning and operation lights
for all components. The entire system is protected by a ground fault
 interrupt breaker, a large emergency stop button, and is CSA certified  
for safety assurance.   
By using shorter hoses, more fluid, and higher efficiency pumps 
with increased flow, the Heat King provides more consistent 
temperature to the field for better concrete curing and ground
thawing results.