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3-1/2 ton Excavator

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Bobcat E35

Superior carries the Bobcat E35 compact excavator which is a zero tail swing model that allows more flexibility when working in areas close to other objects or walls. This model allows for better performance with consistent and smooth operation, yielding expected results each time. 


Engine E35
Emissions Tier (EPA) Interim Tier 4
Engine Fuel Diesel
Maximum Governed RPM 2400 RPM
Horsepower 33.3 HP
Turbocharged Engine No
Performance E35
Operating Weight 7468 lbs
Weight Class 3.4 t
Travel Speed - High 2.9 mph
Travel Speed - Low 1.6 mph
Arm Digging Force 4589 lbf
Bucket Digging Force 6968 lbf
Rated Lift Capacity 2866 lbs
Lift Radius 118 in
Boom Swing - Left 75 deg
Boom Swing - Right 55 deg
Maximum Dig Depth 10.2 ft
Max Dump Height 11 ft
Maximum Reach at Ground Level 17.2 ft
Capacities E35
Fuel Tank 14 gal
Hydraulic System E35
Auxiliary Std Flow 16.9 GPM
Auxiliary Pressure 2987 psi
Dimension E35
Length 189.7 in
Overall Length in Travel Position 189.7 in
Width 69 in
Height 95.6 in
Height with Operator Cab 95.6 in


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Yanmar ViO35

Yanmar introduced the first Zero Tail Swing excavator and is still developing new models. With each generation the features are enhanced for optimum performance and easy operation. 


Operating Weight (Canopy) 7,850 lbs
Operating Weight (Cabin) 8,140 lbs
Engine Make YANMAR
Engine Model 3TNV88
Engine HP (net) 28.0hp/2300rpm
Digging Force (Bucket) 7,220 lbs
Digging Force (Arm) 4,410 lbs
Hydraulic Pump Type 2 x Piston, 2 x Gear
Total Pump Capacity 30.6 gpm
Auxiliary Flow 17.4 gpm
Main Relief Set Pressure 3200 psi
Travel Speed (Low) 1.7 mph
Travel Speed (High) 2.9 mph
Traction Force/Draw Bar Pull 7,894 lbs
Fuel Tank Capacity 11.1 gal
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 11.1 gal
Ground Contact Pressure (Canopy) 4.47 psi
Ground Contact Pressure (Cabin) 4.68 psi
Lifting Capacity (Ground level at MAX) 1,799 lbs
Lifting Capacity (Ground level at 11'6" /3500mm) 2,520 lbs
Lifting Capacity (Ground level at 9'10"/3000mm) 3,104 lbs
Lifting Capacity (Ground level at 8'2"/2500mm) 4006
Max. Digging Depth 10'10" (3300mm)
Max. Digging Depth w/ Blade 11'4" (3450mm)
Max. Vertical Digging Depth 9'4" (2850mm)
Max. Digging Height 17'5" (5300mm)
Max. Dumping Height 11'8" (3550mm)
Max. Digging Reach@ground 17'1" (5220mm)
Max. Digging Reach 17'6" (5340mm)
Min. Turning Radius w/o swing 7' (2150mm)
Min. Turning Radius w/ swing 6' (1850mm)
Tail Swing Radius 2'7" (775mm)
Overall Length 15'2" (4640mm)
Overall Height/Canopy 8'3" (2510mm)
Overall Width 5'1" (1550mm)
Min. Ground Clearance 1'1" (320mm)
Track Length 6'11" (2120mm)
Sprocket Center to Idler Center 5'5" (1660mm)
Crawler Width 12" (300mm)
Blade Width 5'1" (1550mm)
Blade Height 1'3" (370mm)


Komatsu PC-35MR

Superior carries the Komatsu MR-3 Series short-tail-swing compact excavators boasting a number of features making these excavators versatile, durable and easy to use. 

Mustang 350Z NXT


The 350Z NXT2 Compact Excavator is available in canopy or cab configurations, allowing you to
tailor the machine to meet your specific work environment.
The controls on the 350Z NXT2 are ergonomically designed and easy to use.
The Mustang 350Z NXT2 is built around a powerful, reliable emission-certified Yanmar diesel engine.
Rugged, high-strength boom incorporates features to protect and extend the life of moving parts and components.
The advanced hydraulic system on the 350Z NXT2 provides long-lasting, efficient power precisely when you need it.



Make Yanmar
Model 3TNV88F-ESBV Tier IV
Type Diesel
Displacement (L) 100.2 (1.64)
Gross Power (kW) @ rpm 24.5 hp (18.2) @ 2200
Net Power (kW) @ rpm 23.9 hp (17.8) @ 2200
Fuel Tank (L) 10.8 gal. (41)
Fuel Consumption (L/hr) 1.03 gal./hr (3.9)
Pumps 2 variable, 2 gear
Flow Rate (L/min) 29.3 gpm (111.3)
Working Pressure (bar) 3060 psi (211)
Swing System Pressure (bar) 2844 psi (196)
Oil Cooler Standard
Hydraulic Tank (L) 10.6 gal. (40)
Undercarriage & Slewing System  
Travel Speed - dual (km/hr) 1.7/2.8 mph (2.7/4.5)
Gradability 20°
Track Type / Width (mm) Rubber / 11.8" (300)
No. of rollers per Side (track/idle) 4/1
Undercarriage Length (mm) 7'1" (2160)
Track Length on Ground (mm) 5'10" (1778)
Ground Clearance (mm) 12.6" (320)
Ground Pressure - Cab/Canopy (kPa) 5.0/4.8 psi (34.3/33.1)
Slew Speed 9.5 rpm
Maximum Drawbar Pull (kg) 7306 lbs. (3314)
Maximum Bucket Breakout (kg) with quick coupler 5,643 lbs. (2560)
Maximum Bucket Breakout (kg) without quick coupler 7,216 lbs. (3273)
Maximum Arm Digging Force (kg) with quick coupler 4,226 lbs. (1917)
Maximum Arm Digging Force (kg) without quick coupler 4,586 lbs. (2080)


Operating Weight with Canopy (kg) 7905 lbs. (3585)
Operating Weight with Cab (kg) 8214 lbs. (3725)
A. Max. Digging Depth (mm) 10'8" (3250)
B. Max. Vertical Wall Digging Depth (mm) 7'11" (2410)
C. Max. Reach at Ground Level (mm) 17'3.5" (5270)
D. Transport Length (mm) 15'8" (4770)
E. Undercarriage Length (mm) 7'1" (2160)
F. Max. Digging Height (mm) 16'9.2" (5110)
G. Max. Dump Height (mm) 11'2.3" (3410)
H. Minimum Front Swing Radius (mm) 7'1.4" (2170)
I. Transport Height (mm) 8'1" (2470)
J. Blade Below Ground (mm) 1'2.6" (370)
K. Overall Base Width (mm) 5'8.5" (1740)
L. Track Width (mm) 11.8" (300)
M. Ground Clearance (mm) 12.6" (320)
N. Parallel Offset Right (mm) 2'1.2" (640)
O. Parallel Offset Left (mm) 1'11.2" (590)
P. Rear End Swing Radius (mm) 2'6.5" (775)
Q. Boom Swing Angle - Left 43°
R. Boom Swing Angle - Right 65°
Max. Dig Depth with 8ft. (2.5 m) Flat Bottom 9'1" (2770)
Dozer Blade  
Width - extended / retracted (mm) 5'8.5" (1740)
Height (mm) 14.6" (370)